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PostPosted: Mon Jun 05, 2006 7:39 pm 
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Start of #kbox buffer: Mon Jun 05 21:35:04 2006
[20:57] *** Initial topic: Contest results are in http://www.kurobox.com/forums/viewtopic.php?t=956
[20:57] *** #kbox: waite CuriousMark Javascout timtim SnigKat tampakuro @ChanServ
[20:57] *** Mode change "+o waite" for channel #kbox by ChanServ.
[20:57] *** #kbox was created on Sat Feb 18 12:17:10 2006.
[20:57] timtim: *yawn* late here
[20:57] *** Mode change "-o waite" for channel #kbox by waite.
[20:57] waite: hey all
[20:57] waite: hey java around?
[20:57] tampakuro: somebody logging?
[20:57] waite: yep yep
[21:01] *** johncausey has joined #kbox.
[21:02] tampakuro: Hi John.
[21:02] *** Mode change "-o waite" for channel #kbox by waite.
[21:02] waite: Hi John
[21:02] CuriousMark: Hello
[21:02] johncausey: Hi guys -- I can't stay too long; I'm still working with the hosting ppl
[21:02] johncausey: to get our servers migrated
[21:02] waite: Hopefully all goes well
[21:02] tampakuro: good to hear.
[21:02] johncausey: hopefully :)
[21:03] tampakuro: John,
[21:03] johncausey: sorry about the outage this weekend
[21:03] waite: are their tech ppl better than the suppt
[21:03] johncausey: well, sortof ;)
[21:03] CuriousMark: I am glad it is fixed, and hope ti will stay that way.
[21:03] Javascout: hi all
[21:03] johncausey: let's just say they don't not suck
[21:04] tampakuro: could you explain to us what the development contests are supposed to accomplish?
[21:04] johncausey: really just to kinda inspire the community, but also to give us broad stroke ideas for next-gen Linkstations and terastations (our fully-integrated NAS devices)
[21:06] tampakuro: I heard others say that they don't have an idea that is sexy enough or big enough. Got any thoughts on that?
[21:06] waite: So does are entries given weight by how useful they are or how creative?
[21:06] johncausey: well, our current ideas have mainly been more useful than creative, but obviously it's really subjective
[21:06] johncausey: this time, I took the user poll
[21:07] johncausey: and then put a "jury" of myself, Sven, and Brian at work to decide winners
[21:07] waite: NOT THIS BRIAN
[21:07] johncausey: different brian -- sorry
[21:07] johncausey: brian v. @ Buffalo
[21:07] waite: just for the record
[21:08] tampakuro: Are you looking for intricate entries or could a new kernel patch be a possible winner?
[21:08] johncausey: useful is cool
[21:09] timtim: and conveniently licensed? :)
[21:09] tampakuro: For example, If JS had entered his 2.6.15 kernel (and had released it in a timely manner) could that have been an entry that was in the money?
[21:09] johncausey: but creative too; a Kernel patch isn't that "visible" but can be very useful and/or creative
[21:09] johncausey: but of course
[21:10] tampakuro: How about just instructions for getting some piece of hardware working?
[21:10] johncausey: absolutely; trust me, ANYTHING that is useful/creative works
[21:11] tampakuro: Just trying to get some more entries in the ongoing contest...
[21:11] johncausey: it's really just a matter of finding the best 3 'projects' every two months
[21:11] johncausey: absolutley
[21:11] timtim: so this isnt the last one...
[21:11] tampakuro: What about say a modification of the actual Kuro hardware?
[21:11] johncausey: even better
[21:12] johncausey: tim - we'll hopefully be doing this every two months for the forseeable future
[21:12] CuriousMark: Have you got any takers on the uboot task yet?
[21:12] waite: sounds like we need 6 or 7 LCD screen projects so we can get one on the Kuro 3
[21:12] tampakuro: Can contest entries be based on a Terastation?
[21:12] timtim: is there any chance on more info about the hardware for uboot?
[21:12] timtim: the processor etc is all fair enough, but if theres anything else we need to know ;)
[21:12] johncausey: uboot -- still a little interest, but no winners yet
[21:13] tampakuro: Got a bunch of JTAGs gonna be built this real soon.
[21:13] johncausey: unfortunatley, no Tera projects (Buffalo can't officially support something that would 'void' the warrenty)
[21:13] waite: we should have u-boot real soon now.
[21:14] waite: what about the bounty increase? It might bring more interest
[21:14] tampakuro: I'm thinking within 30 days.
[21:14] johncausey: working on that. massaged (not literally) the boss today about it
[21:15] tampakuro: have you finalized the K3?
[21:15] johncausey: not yet -- too much feet dragging in Japan
[21:15] *** CuriousMark has signed off IRC ("CGI:IRC").
[21:16] johncausey: they just can't fully decide on it yet -- I'm going over there later this month, so hopefully we can sort it out
[21:17] tampakuro: There were only 5 entries for the last contest. What kind of turnout (realistically) do you think we'll see for the ongoing one?
[21:18] johncausey: i'm hoping more; but I expect 5-7 this time, and maybe 7-10 for the next one. that would go along with the increase in Kuro sales over the last few months
[21:18] timtim: have you ever looked at distributors in europe?
[21:18] tampakuro: On that subject, can you tell us how many Kuros are in circulation (rounded to the nearest 10,000,000)?
[21:19] timtim: and hosing a euro friendly chat ;)
[21:19] johncausey: 0 :)
[21:19] timtim: its late herzzzzzzzZZ
[21:19] tampakuro: Maybe a few more significant digits?
[21:19] johncausey: probably about 10000 worldwide
[21:19] johncausey: including sales in JP
[21:20] johncausey: Our EU subsidiary doesn't want to handle Kuro sales
[21:20] johncausey: SO that's why we cater to the world
[21:20] johncausey: excpet JP
[21:20] tampakuro: Does Revolution have any sales goals for the next 12 months that they can share?
[21:21] johncausey: We do hope to increase sales linearly, but expect there is a stopping point with current hardware. We have two more Kuros in the pipeline: the Kuro3 and a more video/media oriented box
[21:22] tampakuro: Any ETA for that 4th flavor?
[21:22] johncausey: the second I can't really tell you guys much about, as I don't know too much about it
[21:22] johncausey: we're looking around Q3-Q4 for it
[21:23] johncausey: i THINK. totally unreliable info -- that is my best guess at this time
[21:23] johncausey: The best way to think of it is a "Kuro" version of the LinkTheater
[21:23] johncausey: but with totally different hardware -- it'll probably be based on an upcoming LinkTheater design
[21:24] timtim: cool, but with its own hard disk? :)
[21:24] waite: Hopefully with enough functional HW that is License free that we can hack it well
[21:24] johncausey: hopefully -- the concept sounds pretty cool
[21:24] tampakuro: the LinkTheater doesn't really have a hackable hardware. Would this be more like a Mac Mini?
[21:25] timtim: be nice to see component or hdmi on it ;)
[21:25] johncausey: well -- our current Linktheater is oEM'd
[21:25] waite: not HDMI
[21:25] timtim: with 1080i please
[21:25] johncausey: our next is coming from our own development, and will have an onboard proc, run Linux (like everything else we make), etc
[21:25] waite:
[21:26] johncausey: next linktheatre will probably have 1080p -- i think
[21:26] waite: Maybe it could be a bit more 100% open source
[21:26] johncausey: I would assume it also has HDMI
[21:26] johncausey: hopefully
[21:26] waite: than the current Kuros.
[21:26] timtim: great
[21:26] waite: we will have to wait and see what it looks like I guess
[21:26] timtim: hopefully a next gen model might also use some form of HD media?
[21:27] tampakuro: this sounds like a completely different beast from the K1, 2, and 3.
[21:27] timtim: HDDVD/bluray?
[21:27] johncausey: the only probs with the "100%" open source thing from our perspective is giving the strong arm to our chipset designers
[21:27] johncausey: definatly different beasty
[21:27] johncausey: as for hddvd/br; i really just don't know yet
[21:28] johncausey: quick poll: weigh in, HDDVD or BR?
[21:28] timtim: both in a hybrid drive please
[21:28] waite: I just fear once we get HD quiality output and the security it demands, the licensing makes it illeagl to hack it effectivly.
[21:28] tampakuro: BR?
[21:28] johncausey: Blueray (SOny's option)
[21:28] waite: betaMAX baby!!!
[21:28] timtim: im on the fence, atm im with HDDVD cos its a bit cheaper
[21:29] tampakuro: Back to the K3. Will there be some space inside the case (other than for the mini PCI) for hardware hacking?
[21:29] timtim: bluray player: $999 USD, HDDVD $499 USD
[21:29] johncausey: know what you're saying brian; we may have to make the device HDDVD/Blueray just due to the DRM stuff
[21:30] waite: We'll fight that battle when we see what it looks like.
[21:30] johncausey: possibly; it'll use the same hardware design as the Linkstation "Pro" (or 2 like we used to call it) -- it's the new black linkstation
[21:31] tampakuro: The new black linkstation - with the Kurobox logo scratched off.
[21:31] johncausey: the only thing I like about BLueray is the large capacity
[21:32] johncausey: just got a phone call; i've gotta run and help the tech support ppl move our data over to the new server
[21:33] johncausey: if you guys need anything else, make a topic in the forums, and i'll visit tomorrow morning
[21:33] tampakuro: Could you email us (waite, sylver, me) tracking numbers for the contest loot?
[21:33] waite: thx for the time John. Please don;'t kill the site :) I don't have a recent enought backup
[21:33] tampakuro: Thanks for the chat, John.
[21:34] johncausey: yeah -- sorry about that. They haven't given me the numbers yet; they're a little inefficient some times
[21:34] johncausey: no prob -- see you guys in 2 weeks
[21:34] timtim: thx john & bye!
[21:35] tampakuro: For everybody else in here, the materials for the JTAG wigglers will be here tomorrow.
End of #kbox buffer: Mon Jun 05 21:35:04 2006

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