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PostPosted: Thu Mar 30, 2006 12:04 pm 

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Location: Austin, TX
Hey all,

I'm the new head for the KuroBox project at Buffalo/Revolution. My goal here is to try to get our community more involved with the project, and make sure that our customers have a better experience in general.

With that in mind, I’ve made a lot of changes in our back-end ordering process. Now, I can ensure everyone that they will get tracking and status information on their orders that is current, not just a web page that says “pending.”

But that’s just a matter of getting us in line with good business practices. My background is more technical than business, and I’m really here to make sure that the KuroBox products continue to be cool, useful hacking platforms, and ensure that the KuroBox community continues to thrive.

With that in mind, I’m setting up a bi-weekly meeting on our IRC channel, to discuss updates, ideas, etc. Channel information can be found here. These meetings will take place every first and third Monday’s of each month, at 8PM CST.

As you may (or may not) know, we're in the process of trying to get a new KuroBox put together, with more modern hardware. Our parent company in Japan has asked me to coordinate with you guys on our new KuroBox products. Many of you have already contributed to the wish list on the forums. I have compiled a list of ideas for the upcoming KuroBox, and really want to flesh out the details at our first IRC session. Please attend the IRC session if you’re interested.

I’m very excited about the upcoming possibilities with our new hardware, and creating a more hacker-friendly, open environment. Considering that, I’m making it my personal goal to make sure that every KuroBox community member has a great experience with our wonderful little boxen.

John Causey
Revolution / Buffalo Technology

John Causey
Senior NAS Engineer
Buffalo Technologies, USA
e. johnc (at) buffalotech (dot) com

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PostPosted: Thu Mar 30, 2006 1:22 pm 

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Great :)

say... 8PM CST is Austin local time (GMT-6) ?

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PostPosted: Thu Mar 30, 2006 2:57 pm 

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Yep -- I can also get on the channel other times for you guys in the EU. Let me know, and if there is enough interest, I'll do it.

John Causey

Senior NAS Engineer

Buffalo Technologies, USA

e. johnc (at) buffalotech (dot) com

PostPosted: Fri Mar 31, 2006 6:06 pm 

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I would like to see some better support for the HG. The standard and download setup is not able to find the HG even when it is attached to the windows box with a crossover cable and you can connect with telnet. See the post and thread below.

turkey wrote:
I have a new Kuro Box HG and I can't get setup to find the box even though I can establish a telnet connection to it. I have seen a number of posts about this problem but no solution execpt the manual setup. Is there a good setup program that will work for the Kuro Box HG like the one for the Kuro Box????

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PostPosted: Mon Apr 03, 2006 9:44 am 

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Location: Austin, TX
Turkey --

I feel your pain when it comes to the setup program -- I agree that it currently really sucks. However, it looks like most people are not even really using the program, but instead going directly to a manual install of gentoo.

Perhaps we could package together an automatic gentoo installation, or maybe something from Sylver's distro or Debian. What are your thoughts on the matter? Do you prefer the limited distro that comes with the box? Or would you like to be able to use Gentoo/Debian/etc with an easier install mechanism?

John Causey

Senior NAS Engineer

Buffalo Technologies, USA

e. johnc (at) buffalotech (dot) com

 Post subject: HG Installation Problems
PostPosted: Mon Apr 03, 2006 7:32 pm 

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A more automated gentoo distro would be fine.

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PostPosted: Tue Apr 04, 2006 4:04 am 

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I'd say :
1)the default KB distro could have an english version out of the box.
2)the installer could maybe be platform independent (or a win32, a *nix and an OS X versions)

anyone has a log of what was said on IRC ?[/list]

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PostPosted: Tue Apr 04, 2006 8:24 am 

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My ISP dropped me about 6 times during the discussion, but here is what I logged while connected.

Session Start: Mon Apr 03 21:14:10 2006
Session Ident: #kbox
* Now talking in #kbox
* Topic is 'JohnC from Revolution here Monday April 3, 8:00 PM CST. Topic: The next Kurobox'
* Set by waite on Fri Mar 31 09:21:55
<johncausey> We've boiled it down to a few ideas and I'll start rattling them out
<Javascout> fire away
<johncausey> First -- definate yes to the serial port. It's a nessecity for kernel development
<bert_m_b_> act/link is flashing, i'll assume it is until i get *more* impatient.
<johncausey> also, faster proc/ more RAM. Currently we're looking for best price/performance w/Freescale on the processor
<dtaylor> What about the useless red button?
<johncausey> and we're thinking about 256MB RAM
<leenuxg33k> whats the freescale processor?
<johncausey> will get to red button in a sec
<waite> Red utton is not useless for kernel devel
<waite> which proc?
<Javascout> How about we let John list the stuff then ask questions ?
<johncausey> Not 100% sure yet -- this is one of those things where I request a faster processor, then they come back with a list of what they can give us at what cost
<waite> Floating Point Unit
<leenuxg33k> is that processor mips?
<waite> PPC
<johncausey> I'm still waiting on the proc info, but I should be able to get the list to you guys pretty soon
<johncausey> yes -- definatley PPC
<leenuxg33k> freescale is still ppc.
<leenuxg33k> good
<dtaylor> What is the target price for the new kuro?
<johncausey> so I'm assuming that everyone probably wants a FPU? It's probably a good idea, especially for sound processing (mp3 transcoding, Asterisk, etc)
<waite> yes. floating point is really impt.
<johncausey> dtaylor (Dan, right?) -- looking for around $225 right now
<leenuxg33k> if it would help voip applications I would like the FPU. thinking it would be needed for g729 codec
<dtaylor> Dave, but you are close enough.
<waite> once you can do audio/video compression now this can be more than a NAS
<johncausey> leenux -- we're on the same page (of course, I want it for mp3 transcoding for my home server :)
<leenuxg33k> :-)
<Javascout> price point might be a little high $199 might get more interest but I understand it limits the options
<waite> uboot is a must with a good redundant EM more/boot
<johncausey> ok -- anyway, back to the discussion. I think we're going to have to make the proc hardwired to the box like it is currently. The RAM may be socketed. Thoughts?
<leenuxg33k> johncausey: what form factor? number of drives? sata?
<waite> I guess an SODIMM would be OK but I don't mind a good size hardwired RAM
<johncausey> Getting to form factor / software in a sec. Going down the list to make it easier on my typing :)
<Javascout> proc hardwired is ok. socketed ram is ok as long as fairly std ram
<dtaylor> How about selling it without ram and letting us put our own sodimm in it.
<waite> the the prce has to come way down
<waite> if no SODIMM
<leenuxg33k> I think 256 soldered is fine..
<waite> 512 would be yummy tho
<dtaylor> Desktops come without RAM. how about getting away from the idea that this is a NAS and treat it like a Desktop.
<johncausey> So, here's the thing, Buffalo US also owns Techworks (RAM makers), so we may be able to offer a socket, and then add RAM at buy time at a reasonable cost
<leenuxg33k> I would be ok with a socket if it dropped the price a lot
<waite> ok that would be workable
<Javascout> that would work johnC
<leenuxg33k> agreed
<johncausey> OK -- so the consensus is that it's ok to socket the RAm, if we dropped the cost a bit
<dtaylor> Socket good. Hardwired RAM bad. Make it flexible.
<Javascout> I think the cost drop was if box was supplied without ram
<leenuxg33k> yup
<johncausey> Yeah -- got it.
<johncausey> OK now on to the HD. We're definatley going to go SATA. But here's another point of contention:
* davetaylor has quit IRC (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
<johncausey> Some people want 1, 2, or 4 drives. I say we make it with 3 slots! jk
<leenuxg33k> does it add much cost to the board to go from 2 to 4 sata ports?
<dtaylor> Keep the form factor the same size. I like that it fits on my shelf in minimal space.
<Javascout> I would say 4 sata connections (and allow raid 0/1/5) but make 3 of the connections eSATA
<leenuxg33k> it could be the same form factor... but if the board has 4 sockets some could put it in a different case
<leenuxg33k> or sell it in two different cases
<johncausey> We want to follow the same small footprint form factor as we currently have (with a cooler looking case)
<Javascout> that was what I was think with the eSATA connectors
<bert_m_b_> i think the current case it pretty sexy, btw. make sure that designer gets his/her hands on it again.
<johncausey> So -- here's the idea that we've been kicking around in the office: Change the internal mounting bracket to support one 3.5 drive, or two 2.5 drives. There is already enough space to do that.
<waite> i like that approach
<Javascout> good idea
<johncausey> Bert -- I've seen pics of the new case, it's pretty sweet. I'll post to forums tomorrow
<johncausey> case is for Linkstation, though.
<johncausey> we'll borrow it for our needs
<dtaylor> 2.5 drives are way too expensive for this device. They also don't carry the capacity of 3.5 drives yet
<waite> that is why the 3.5 option
<johncausey> Dave -- that's right. But it's a good compromise for the form factor. This way, you can use whichever you want
<bert_m_b_> that's fun, yeah. speaking of putting more drives externally... how about making some magical modular/stackable thingamajigs... so your external hard drive case snugs right up on your kuro somehow.
<Javascout> as long as there external sata connectors
<johncausey> And, by the time this comes out (a few months from now) who know how pricey 2.5 drives will be
<waite> esata will be killer I'd sac a USB connection if needed
<johncausey> On to Javascout's idea. I think that's a great idea
<johncausey> We already have external eSata enclosures in Japan.
<johncausey> We'll bring those over as well with this new Kuro, and I'll try to slap 2 eSata connectors on the back
<Javascout> that should work. What about raid ? 0/1 or 5?
<leenuxg33k> Javascout: you want hardware raid? not software?
<johncausey> your choice (kernel.org) :)
<Javascout> yes that probably depends on the SATA chipset
<dtaylor> That spounds expensive
<Javascout> neah I think most of the SATA chipset support at least 0/1 std
<dtaylor> What about the power supply. I really like the internal supply. It would be nice if it had a plug in the back though.
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Session Start: Mon Apr 03 21:38:56 2006
Session Ident: #kbox
* Now talking in #kbox
* Topic is 'JohnC from Revolution here Monday April 3, 8:00 PM CST. Topic: The next Kurobox'
* Set by waite on Fri Mar 31 09:21:55
<johncausey> Now, here's the thing. Maybe have two ethernet ports. THoughts?
<leenuxg33k> johncausey: question on the esata ports
<johncausey> A lot of people are using these at home
<johncausey> why not a firewall / gateway device
<johncausey> go ahead on esata
<Javascout> two ethernet ports add flexibilty
<leenuxg33k> are the esata ports just normal sata on the inside?
<johncausey> I agree Javascout
<leenuxg33k> two ethernet would rule
<leenuxg33k> one only needs to be 100
<leenuxg33k> instead of gig
<leenuxg33k> if cost is a concern
<davetaylor> how about a pcmcia port too so we could do a firewall/gateway/wireless gateway?
<johncausey> To be honest Leenux, I've never seen external sata connectors. I assume so.
<leenuxg33k> I think usb works well for that
<Javascout> eSATA connector is slightly different than normal internal SATA but wires are the same
<johncausey> Well, PCMCIA would be a little out of the cost range (It would add a lot to the BOM). But, we are tossing around the idea of using a MiniPCI like in most modern laptops
<johncausey> Javascout -- like external SCSI is to internal?
<Javascout> pcmcia or minipci would make it even more flexible. Add a wireless card, TV card etc
<davetaylor> Does GIG even make a difference. My understanding is that the Kuro isn't fast enough to support it anyway.
<Javascout> Not sure I can see if I can find the site I saw the description on
<johncausey> Not currently, but the new proc will make that difference
<leenuxg33k> I would use usb for wireless or a tv tuner
<johncausey> Leenux has a pretty good point. However, I think that adding miniPCI will be almost inconsequential to the price, so why not?
<johncausey> Dave, I think you're ghost is still logged in :)
<Javascout> leenuxg33k usb works for most things except TV out
<johncausey> dude, my grammer teacher would kill me
<bert_m_b_> yes she would. so would your spelling teacher (grammAr) :)
<davetaylor> My ISP keeps dropping me. THey stink. I'll keep logging in as fast as I can. I don't want to miss this conversation, John.
<leenuxg33k> Javascout: you have a tv out card for pcmcia?
<davetaylor> Did you ever answer my question regarding the power supply. I dropped out shortly after asking it.
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Session Start: Mon Apr 03 21:50:19 2006
Session Ident: #kbox
* Now talking in #kbox
* Topic is 'JohnC from Revolution here Monday April 3, 8:00 PM CST. Topic: The next Kurobox'
* Set by waite on Fri Mar 31 09:21:55
<Javascout> yeah I have a LinkTheater (the dvd player is a bit flacky)
<Davemyispsucks> I'm back. I'll not ask the power supply question again.
<leenuxg33k> johncausey: I may look again.. if I remember there is no way to develop third party apps for the link theater
<johncausey> Yeah -- the DVD player is terrible. But it's ability to render HD content is gorgeous
<Davemyispsucks> The Linkplayer2 also has some problems, but the HD is nice.
<johncausey> try wizd (it's an open source alternative to Pcast) also -- Linktheater plays from standard UPNP AV sources
<leenuxg33k> johncausey: I don't mean to keep bringing up a competitors product.. but the fact that they have an SDK (its not complete though) is huge.
* dtaylor has quit IRC (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
<Javascout> yeah wish the linktheater was open to making changes
<johncausey> Leenux -- I'll have to check it out
<leenuxg33k> johncausey: wizd sounds interesting
<johncausey> Java -- you'll get your wish this summer, but you didn't here it from me
<Davemyispsucks> wizd works well and runs on the standard Kuro very well.
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Session Start: Mon Apr 03 21:55:34 2006
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* Topic is 'JohnC from Revolution here Monday April 3, 8:00 PM CST. Topic: The next Kurobox'
* Set by waite on Fri Mar 31 09:21:55
<Javascout> wizd for kurobox link http://jhue.users.sonic.net/
<johncausey> hey Dave, welcome back again. Loved the last nick
<dtaylor> THey really do suck. 5 drops in an hour.
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Session Start: Mon Apr 03 22:00:13 2006
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* Now talking in #kbox
* Topic is 'JohnC from Revolution here Monday April 3, 8:00 PM CST. Topic: The next Kurobox'
* Set by waite on Fri Mar 31 09:21:55
<leenuxg33k> seems to be the ppc thing
<Javascout> at least 8mb if 16m is too expensive
<Javascout> yaboot is a mac thing
<leenuxg33k> well we use it on the IBM ppc blades at work
<johncausey> I think that yahboot is exclusively for getting around openfirmware
<johncausey> really
<johncausey> Well, the reason I was going with Uboot is that's what the guys at Freescale led me towards.
<Javascout> Uboot is good
<leenuxg33k> I'll take your word for it
<leenuxg33k> I just was curious
<johncausey> I'm REALLY not a hardware person, so I kinda nod and smile when they talk to me anyway :)
* Looking up Davebrighthouseb user info...
<johncausey> Hey, I just wish that they had a normal BIOS booting process. This is one thing where I love x86 stuff.
<bert_m_b_> before i forget: option to buy board only or board+power supply (could one use a mini-itx power supply on these things)?
<leenuxg33k> johncausey: don't worry.. soon intel will cram efi down everyones throat.
<johncausey> lol -- you're probably right leenux.
* davetaylor has quit IRC (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
<Javascout> yeah I like not having a brick but its easier to support different voltages with a brick for power supply
* Davebrighthouseb is now known as DavefireshisISP
<johncausey> Bert -- I don't think Japan will have any realy interest in just selling the board
<johncausey> That's really not their style
<johncausey> Java -- plus the new bricks are pretty small and aren't wall-warts
<leenuxg33k> I was pleased to see that when the kuro is off its not pulling any noticeable power from the brick
<Javascout> aye no plug bricks
<DavefireshisISP> I prefer the internal PS but would like a plug in the back of the box, although the space in the case would be useful for adding homebrew hardware.
<bert_m_b_> hmm. i suppose the case really only costs five bucks to make... just seems silly to get it and then rip out its guts.
<bert_m_b_> but no biggy.
<DavefireshisISP> Someone please post a transcript. If I drop off again I'm done for the evening.
<leenuxg33k> 12 volt only line in would be sweet.. a small transformer for the +5?
<leenuxg33k> would make it easy to put in a car
<DavefireshisISP> You can't make things foolproof because fools are so ingenious.
<Javascout> I will see if I have everything for a transcript
<Javascout> nope I did not have logging turn on :(
<johncausey> Very true leenux. I think the current power supply plugs 5V directly in to the box.
<leenuxg33k> yup
<johncausey> I have the transcript. I'll copy it to you when we go offline
<leenuxg33k> I would love to put the current kurohg in my car as an mp3 player (usb audio)
<Javascout> gotta watch the vibration with the disk drive
* Milanut has joined #kbox
<johncausey> It would be cool -- rig up a web interface and use a wireless-connected Nintendo DS as a touch screen interface
<leenuxg33k> Javascout: in that case i really would use 2.5 laptop drive
<johncausey> when the browser "game" comes out
<johncausey> I've been planing that myself
<johncausey> and automagically rsync with my home server when it can associate with my home AP. Good times
<bert_m_b_> get some fancy jostle-sensors in there like the powerbooks... for when you go off-roading.
<Javascout> interesting not thought of using a wireless DS
* Davemyispsucks has quit IRC (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
<johncausey> DS uses good old-fashioned 802.11b
<johncausey> and the opera we browser will be out next month (i think)
<leenuxg33k> so while were talking along those lines (car environment)
<johncausey> yes?
<leenuxg33k> would software suspend be possible?
<Javascout> probably with a 2.6 kernel
<leenuxg33k> Javascout: any idea how to signal it out of suspend?
<leenuxg33k> some bios support would be needed no?
<DavefireshisISP> use the red button
<leenuxg33k> finally a use! :-)
<johncausey> well -- i'm pretty sure you could make it hibernate without messing with any AVR stuff
<Javascout> Not sure probably acpi or some such
<johncausey> lol
<leenuxg33k> hibernate, right.. since its really a normal boot up
* dtaylor has quit IRC (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
<Javascout> this looks at interesting link on software suspend http://fchabaud.free.fr/English/Tricks/ ... spend.html
<johncausey> Yeah, you'd have to interact with the AVR to do suspend
<DavefireshisISP> Do we really need a watchdog timer?
<johncausey> thats another thing. I'm going to make sure they give us ENGLISH AVR documentation.
<leenuxg33k> if it rebooted the thing I would say its usefull.. but it just powers it off and flashes a red light
<johncausey> It's pretty useful when dicking around with kernel dev
<DavefireshisISP> So, can we have the ability to force EM mode?
<leenuxg33k> DavefireshisISP: may not matter with uboot and serial console
<johncausey> Well, the new Kuro will use uboot to actually boot up, so it will be whatever you program it to be
<Javascout> yeah with a serial connector and uboot there is no need for EM mode
<DavefireshisISP> Can we get a firmware for the existing Kuros and HGs to use uboot?
<Javascout> yeah uboot for existing boxes would be very useful
<DavefireshisISP> It would allow us to stop messing with reflashing and concentrate on more important things.
<Javascout> I sorta have a version but I have no way of testing it and do not want to risk bricking my kurobox
<johncausey> Well -- I'm not really sure if we can. They've told me that I'll have to develop it here, but won't give me the resources (like a real JTAG wiggler) to do it. They (JP) are trying to get me to concentrate on getting the next version out
<leenuxg33k> does uboot have a config file for saying which kernel to boot?
<Javascout> yes lots of options
<johncausey> leenux -- yes. Check it out on Sourceforge. it's pretty cool. Kinda like Grub++
<johncausey> But back to the current HG -- I'm trying to get it done, but I can't make any promises
<DavefireshisISP> Let me get this straight. They want you to build a new box and market it to us and at the same time abandon us with respect to the original boxes?
<leenuxg33k> http://sourceforge.net/projects/uboot <- that doesn't look right.. why can't I find it..
<Javascout> that is right
<johncausey> Dave -- not really. They see a new flash as a "community effort" and not something they want to engineer.
<DavefireshisISP> That would be okay if they would give us the source for the entire device.
<Javascout> lol so they expect us to have a jtag connector ?
<johncausey> They look at it from the perspective that the existing flash is the "safest" way of deploying Kuros
<johncausey> As it keeps you from brinking your Kuro if you don't have a Jtag wiggler
<johncausey> Java -- I know. They're pretty hard to deal with some times
<Javascout> the jtag connector and flash software cost more then the price of a kuroboxhg
<johncausey> I know. Anyway, I am still pressing them for that information. Hopefully I can wriggle it out of them
<Javascout> cheapest jatg connector I have found is $150 and you still have to solder a socket onto the kurobox board
<DavefireshisISP> Heck, they won't even give you a wiggler, John.
<Javascout> lol my soldering skill was pushed to the limit with the serial connector :)
<johncausey> I know -- but I may be able to sucker them in to porting Uboot to it. They are going to use uboot on the next Linkstation, so they may just do this for me as a 'favor'
<DavefireshisISP> Serial wouldn't be bad if they had sprung for the 2 cent resistor.
<johncausey> lol -- gotta keep the BOM costs down
<johncausey> Anyway -- I need to run. My GF is getting impatient; I told her I'd go to the gym with her
<johncausey> Thank you all for the insight
<leenuxg33k> johncausey: thank you
<DavefireshisISP> Thanks John.
<tonyo_kb> john, do you have any kuro boards with the flash socketed?
<Javascout> bye JohnC thanks for the info
<johncausey> I'll post to the forums a list of the requirements I'm sending to Japan for the new Kuro based on our discussion tonight
<leenuxg33k> include the total number of sata connectors
<leenuxg33k> I got confused with the 3 internal drives plus 2 esata, etc..
<johncausey> tonyo -- not right now. However, that is what I'm trying to get my hands on since they won't give me a wiggler
<johncausey> will do leenux
<DavefireshisISP> And the fact that most of your free developers would like uboot on their current kuros
<johncausey> btw -- it will be 4 total (2 internal, 2 eSata)
<johncausey> I will definatley pass that on Dave.
<DavefireshisISP> Thanks
<tonyo_kb> I think a socketed board in the right hands would get results.
<johncausey> I agree tonyo -- I'll see if I can get my hands on it.
<johncausey> Thanks again for ideas. I really appreciate it.
<leenuxg33k> and daves still online
<johncausey> If you guys have the time, please send me your email addresses along with your nicks to johnc (at) buffalotech (dot) com
<johncausey> That way I can contact you all with any new info I get that's a little to much to post on the forums
<johncausey> bye
* johncausey has quit IRC
<Javascout> well interesting but I am not sure buffalo get that just putting out what they need to to satisfy the gpl does not make a community
<Javascout> :)
<tonyo_kb> It makes a very small one...
<DavefireshisISP> They need to understand that helping us in turn helps them sell Kuros
<Javascout> true what is funny is the linkstation community is larger than the kurobox one
<DavefireshisISP> I'm sure having the wiki and forums not working for a year has a bunch to do with that.
<Javascout> some but it was very quite on the forums before it was down
<DavefireshisISP> BTW, does anybody know what happened to Sven?
<DavefireshisISP> The thing about the Linkstation is that their wiki always worked.
<Javascout> not sure. I think he is still at buffalo. He was posting under a different name than sven
<DavefireshisISP> They should promote him to head of shipping. he did a good job at that.
<Javascout> aye but did not provide much support or information
<DavefireshisISP> Gotta go. This time I'm leaving on my own accord.
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PostPosted: Tue Apr 04, 2006 8:53 am 
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Thanks for the log dtaylor. I had to drop off early in one of your disconnects. I'll see if I can get John to send me his log and post it on the wiki.
See you in 2 weeks!


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PostPosted: Wed May 10, 2006 11:00 am 

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the info here sounds good. Id keep an eye on target audience tho. Im sure lot of people are going to chime in they want some enterprise capability with hardware raid for $100.

4 sata drives? sounds overkill. thats a lot of hot drives in small space needing bigger PS unit. I'd stick to 2 3.5" drive bays.

a sodimm slot would be awesome.

All Id really like to see is a Hg thats a little beefier, not a 100% complete rewrite. more ram, slightly better cpu (a 300, 350 would be good. 400 meh, depends on cost.). If people think they need 2gb ram and dual 2ghz cpu then they should consider some kind of via epia SFF box or something.

I geuss it depends if you see this box as a NAS or some kind of small powerpc mini server...

Id be happy if the HG+ had a sodimm slot and 300/350 mhz cpu with two drive bays (and workin serial port;) )..

oh and better / documented access to the bootloader / bootup flash system.

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PostPosted: Wed May 10, 2006 5:38 pm 

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4 sata drives? sounds overkill. thats a lot of hot drives in small space needing bigger PS unit. I'd stick to 2 3.5" drive bays

I'd love to see 4 sata ports and make 2 (or 3) external [eSata]. Then one can easily add an eSata enclosure (w/power supply) if more disk space is needed or even a eSata RAID enclusure like this one from cooldrives http://www.cooldrives.com/usb2-sata-min ... -raid.html to add RAID function without CPU overhead.

The real trick (IMHO) to making the Kurobox an 'exceptional' NAS/PowerPC mini server, is to get the gigaBit Enet operating at the highest operational throughput.


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PostPosted: Thu May 11, 2006 3:54 am 

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great to see good news about the kuro!

it looks like it's going in 2 distinct directions ; the very light / small one, and on the other side the heavier kuro with lot of HDDs and power that looks like a mainframe for your bedroom.

I'm more attracted by the small / light computer these days and what I'd really like to see (but I think it's a dream) is a very portable kuro with a battery included !

and for any case it would be nice to have a more open boot and an easy way to install Debian, like a .deb package with all the kuro specific utilities (like in the japanese debian image).

Hope to see a super kuro soon! :D

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PostPosted: Thu May 11, 2006 5:33 am 

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I happen to have a HP 5710 thinclient. It has 256MB flash and 256MB ram. I need at least double that amount for what I plan doing with it but that's not why I am writing. HP has a tool which re-flashes your flash memory (which you can't use as a harddisk) using a simple USB flash key. You download the tool, execute it and point it towards the USB flash key/stick is. You'll have to do this in a windows environment. It will then write an image on the USB stick. After that has been done you stick it into the HP 5700 series thinclient and boot from the stick. It will then ask you if you want to reflash you flash memory and when you say yes it will take a few minutes to do so.
I think its very very handy and something that the kurobox would do good with.

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PostPosted: Mon May 15, 2006 2:19 pm 
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Just to let everyone know. There is an IRC chat tonight, May 15 at 8PM CST.
Hope to see you all there.

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PostPosted: Mon May 15, 2006 5:26 pm 
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Correction we have moved to CDT so make sure you check your timezones if you do not observe Daylight Savings

Hint of the day: See pages added to the wiki via RSS: http://www.kurobox.com/mwiki/index.php? ... s&feed=rss



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