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PostPosted: Tue May 16, 2006 6:59 am 
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Executive Summary:
* Contest Update: 6 or 7 entries to the contest. John will post about them and allow community input

* Kuro 3 Update: Tentitive HW specs:
    o PPC proc TDB (400-667Mhz)
    o 16 (maybe 8) MB FLASH
    o 1X MiniPCI slot
    o 1X internal SATA
    o 3X external ESATA
    o 2X USB
    o 2X Network (probably Gigabit)
    o 1X SODIMM slot (memory not included)
    o Universal Power Supply like HG-WR
    o U-Boot bootloader

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 Post subject: Full log
PostPosted: Tue May 16, 2006 7:00 am 
Site Admin

Joined: Fri Oct 29, 2004 10:08 am
Posts: 177
Location: MA
[8:50:39 pm] <mindbender>i read it the time some guys talked about that in the yahoo-group
[8:50:47 pm] <waite>If it is PPC you could proably get the Uboot bounty pretty easily
[8:51:03 pm] - --User BigKuro joined channel #kbox
[8:51:32 pm] <BigKuro>Hi everybody
[8:51:38 pm] <waite>hi bigkuro
[8:52:56 pm] <BigKuro>Dave here. Anybody know if John is coming?
[8:53:11 pm] <waite>I checked with hm today
[8:53:20 pm] <waite>he said he'll be there
[8:53:43 pm] <BigKuro>Any contestants in the room?
[8:53:49 pm] <waite>I put in one
[8:54:03 pm] <BigKuro>cool. what was it?
[8:54:36 pm] <waite>Nothing pretty. A multi platform/multi distro installer.
[8:55:06 pm] <waite>Runs on Linux/Windows/MacOS??. Installs revo or sylver now
[8:55:07 pm] <BigKuro>The Kuro community could certainly use that.
[8:55:11 pm] <waite>debian and FC soon
[8:55:44 pm] <waite>It is really a precursor to any other stuff I do so I figured what the hey
[8:56:12 pm] <BigKuro>Anybody logging tonight?
[8:56:19 pm] <waite>I am
[8:56:31 pm] <waite>what are you doing with your Kuro?
[8:56:54 pm] <BigKuro>I set it up as a complete SOHO appliance.
[8:57:09 pm] <waite>What sw?
[8:58:31 pm] <BigKuro>Apache/PHP/MySQL, Courier-POP3, VSFTP, wizd, Jinzora...
[8:58:39 pm] <waite>nice
[8:59:08 pm] - --User leenuxg33k joined channel #kbox
[8:59:13 pm] <BigKuro>I got a wireless G usb dongle working with it and also set it up as a router/wireless AP
[8:59:16 pm] <waite>hey leenux
[8:59:33 pm] <leenuxg33k>hello all
[8:59:49 pm] <BigKuro>Also added a second wired ethernet (for the WAN side)
[8:59:55 pm] <waite>Sounds like the Kuro is being put to good use
[9:00:31 pm] <waite>Leenux here is an expert on Asterix if you need a PBX
[9:00:48 pm] <leenuxg33k>I wouldn't say that... but I can get it working anyway
[9:00:51 pm] <leenuxg33k>;-)
[9:00:55 pm] <BigKuro>DCHP server and bridged WLAN0 with ETH)
[9:01:04 pm] <waite>Nice.
[9:01:06 pm] <BigKuro>ETH0
[9:01:26 pm] <BigKuro>Set the wireless in Master mode for an access point
[9:01:56 pm] <BigKuro>Hey there Leenux
[9:02:00 pm] <waite>I might have to some ptrs one day on getting it all configed right
[9:02:04 pm] <Javascout>well finish with Dinner now. Lol everyone seems to be making good use of their Kuro. Mine is turned off right now the fan needs greasing
[9:02:12 pm] <waite>:)
[9:02:19 pm] <leenuxg33k>heh..
[9:02:27 pm] <BigKuro>It was a huge pain in the ass getting WLAN0 to work.
[9:04:20 pm] - --tampakuro has left the chat (Quit: "Read error: 113 (No route to host)" ).
[9:04:43 pm] <waite>I am sure. Which USB wireless adapter did you use?
[9:04:48 pm] <waite>and what distro?
[9:05:10 pm] <BigKuro>The only one that will work with the PPC is based on the zd1211 chipset.
[9:05:12 pm] - --User johncausey joined channel #kbox
[9:05:23 pm] <waite>Hi John
[9:05:29 pm] <BigKuro>I had a zyxel G-220 in a box of parts.
[9:05:49 pm] <BigKuro>The whole thing runs on Gentoo
[9:05:50 pm] <johncausey>hi all
[9:05:54 pm] <waite>Col
[9:05:56 pm] <waite>cool even
[9:05:58 pm] <BigKuro>Hey John.
[9:06:30 pm] <johncausey>So -- contest is almost over, and I've got a lot of entries
[9:06:50 pm] <johncausey>Well, by 'a lot' I mean abou 6 or 7
[9:06:50 pm] <BigKuro>What is a lot?
[9:06:57 pm] <johncausey>:)
[9:07:12 pm] <johncausey>certainly more than the last one
[9:07:18 pm] <BigKuro>Can you give us an idea of what people are doing?
[9:07:28 pm] <johncausey>it's a secret
[9:07:30 pm] <johncausey>jk
[9:07:38 pm] <johncausey>all of them are software based
[9:07:50 pm] <waite>next time :)
[9:07:57 pm] <johncausey>with some hardware additions, but all standard stuff like USB-whatevers
[9:08:04 pm] <johncausey>but pretty cool in general
[9:08:05 pm] - --leenuxg33k is now Away.
[9:08:27 pm] <johncausey>some were really good things for the community (like waite's)
[9:08:27 pm] <BigKuro>That is good. It means anybody can implement them without too much work.
[9:08:40 pm] <johncausey>absolutely
[9:08:50 pm] - --leenuxg33k is now Online.
[9:08:53 pm] <Javascout>yeah my soldering skills are really bad :)
[9:08:56 pm] <johncausey>hehe
[9:09:22 pm] <BigKuro>Exactly when does the contest end?
[9:09:28 pm] <leenuxg33k>Javascout: mine are really bad.. had to have someone fix my serial port. ;-)
[9:09:44 pm] <johncausey>i'm going to wait until tomorrow, and then give a rundown on all the entries in the forums
[9:10:07 pm] <johncausey>some ppl wanted me to wait until midnight, so I'm just going to extend until tomorrow at about 8AM
[9:10:20 pm] <mindbender>hmm....maybe www.linkstationwiki.org should participate in the bounty :p .... now as we have a good developement box ;)
[9:10:24 pm] <waite>thats enought time for a second entry!
[9:10:37 pm] <johncausey>good thinking
[9:10:38 pm] <waite>please please. anything to get uboot
[9:10:59 pm] <johncausey>I'm going to run another contest immediatly after this one, and up the prizes for the uboot bounty this week
[9:11:00 pm] <Javascout>anyone stepped up for uboot john ?
[9:11:21 pm] <johncausey>here and there interest, and questions once every now and then
[9:11:28 pm] <johncausey>but no silutions yet
[9:11:31 pm] <johncausey>solutions
[9:11:41 pm] <waite>good to see some movement tho
[9:11:51 pm] <BigKuro>I'm working on your mp3 player that auto syncs. The only thing I'm doing different is using an old Palm3 for a display and data entry via the touchscreen.
[9:11:53 pm] <johncausey>the digg article seemed to get us a few eyes
[9:11:56 pm] <mindbender>i hope the box is a ppc and not a LS2 (mips) ... then we are in :)
[9:12:02 pm] <Javascout>I have a partial port just need to get the flash stuff working but I have no way of testing the u-boot :)
[9:12:20 pm] <johncausey>mindbender -- it is PPC based
[9:12:44 pm] <waite>so John when does the Kuro devleopment box get 'found'
[9:12:51 pm] <Javascout>for duel-flash it is probably a Linkstation. There was some partial instructions on the old wiki
[9:12:52 pm] <johncausey>irontically, we're going to be releasing a new linkstation called the LS2 in a few weeks -- uh oh, I've said too much :)
[9:13:23 pm] <mindbender>hehe...so we have to find a different name :)
[9:13:26 pm] <BigKuro>Can you tell us anything more regarding the Kuro3
[9:14:02 pm] <johncausey>Yeah -- so I can't get the JP engineers to commit to a proc yet, but here's a rundown on the tentative specs:
[9:14:26 pm] <johncausey>remember, this is TENTATIVE
[9:14:50 pm] - --leenuxg33k is now Away.
[9:14:55 pm] <johncausey>a ppc proc between 400 and 667MHz
[9:15:19 pm] <johncausey>a memory SLOT, but no included RAM, probably SODIMM
[9:15:36 pm] <johncausey>2 networking ports (probably Gigabit)
[9:15:39 pm] <johncausey>2 USB's
[9:15:46 pm] <johncausey>1 internal SATA
[9:15:56 pm] <johncausey>3 external SATA (eSATA) ports
[9:16:00 pm] <johncausey>1 serial port
[9:16:04 pm] <johncausey>1 Mini-PCI slot
[9:16:20 pm] <johncausey>universal (EU/US) power supply, like the HG-WR
[9:16:25 pm] - --User TheWitness joined channel #kbox
[9:16:43 pm] <leenuxg33k>I assume we can get a wireless card for mini-pci?
[9:16:45 pm] <johncausey>and probably in the new LS case, or maybe in the existing Kuro case
[9:16:57 pm] <johncausey>yep -- from Buffalo if you'd like :)
[9:17:04 pm] <johncausey>and RAM from Buffalo-Techworks :)
[9:17:05 pm] - --leenuxg33k is now Online.
[9:17:10 pm] <leenuxg33k>heh
[9:17:16 pm] <leenuxg33k>as long as it has a linux driver
[9:17:35 pm] <johncausey>but of course! all of our wireless stuff is Broadcom based
[9:17:37 pm] <waite>and to help stop speculation.. u-boot and bootloader
[9:17:43 pm] <waite>right?
[9:18:01 pm] <johncausey>oh yeah -- sorry, it'll probably have 8 or 16MB FLASH with Uboot
[9:18:13 pm] <Javascout>sounds good
[9:18:18 pm] <johncausey>probably for 8/16, definate to Uboot
[9:18:24 pm] <leenuxg33k>nice
[9:18:35 pm] <johncausey>so, it'll be pretty versitile
[9:18:38 pm] <leenuxg33k>and under $200?
[9:18:47 pm] <leenuxg33k>or is that too soon?
[9:18:52 pm] <mindbender>hehe
[9:18:59 pm] <BigKuro>Well under $200, I hope
[9:19:03 pm] <johncausey>can't say too much about price, since I really don't know
[9:19:19 pm] <johncausey>but I personally hope it's under 200 :)
[9:19:33 pm] <leenuxg33k>prize for next contest.. ;-)
[9:19:43 pm] <waite>nice.
[9:19:58 pm] <johncausey>hehehe -- unfortunatley it won't be out until the Sept. time frame
[9:20:19 pm] <johncausey>was hoping for Aug, but it looks like sept is more accurate
[9:20:27 pm] <leenuxg33k>obviously thats why I haven't submitted yet.. ;-)
[9:20:36 pm] <johncausey>riiiight
[9:20:38 pm] <BigKuro>When will the next contest start and end?
[9:20:52 pm] <BigKuro>I'm full of great ideas.
[9:21:15 pm] <johncausey>probably give it another 45 days, so starting immediately (17th-ish) and going to July1
[9:22:12 pm] <johncausey>btw -- any of you guys submit the site to digg? somehow we got on the fron page, and we got about 30000 uniques this past week
[9:22:23 pm] <Javascout>lol
[9:22:30 pm] <waite>I saw the spike on Alexia ratings I was wondering what happened
[9:22:54 pm] <johncausey>http://digg.com/linux_unix/$149_Book-sized_Linux_computer
[9:23:04 pm] <johncausey>860 diggs, not too bad
[9:23:14 pm] <BigKuro>Any of those hits stick? maybe a surge in sales?
[9:23:42 pm] <johncausey>a bit, but not too much; i guess it's still too much for an impulse buy
[9:24:51 pm] <BigKuro>Were you able to get the file upload working on the wiki?
[9:24:53 pm] <johncausey>some of the comments on the site are pretty funny, it's amazing to me how many ppl haven't heard of NAS type products
[9:25:37 pm] <johncausey>waite pretty much runs the wiki, and I'm not too sure what's up with it
[9:26:02 pm] <waite>I need ssh access....
[9:26:10 pm] <BigKuro>We need the upload directory writable by the web server.\
[9:26:38 pm] <johncausey>ahhh -- sorry about that, I sluffed that off to Sven, but I guess he never came through
[9:26:42 pm] <johncausey>I'll handle it
[9:26:45 pm] <waite>I need ssh access...I can't use the web interface to change the perms right
[9:27:39 pm] <BigKuro>Sven didn't come through. that's a shocker.
[9:27:55 pm] <johncausey>now now ;) He's a busy guy
[9:28:03 pm] <waite>Be nice...
[9:28:24 pm] - --TheWitness has left the chat.
[9:28:26 pm] <johncausey>He's running the 802.11N show right now; he's turned into a meeting machine
[9:28:29 pm] <BigKuro>Sorry. That was out of line.
[9:28:33 pm] <johncausey>no prob
[9:28:51 pm] <johncausey>he'd think it was funny; he changed his name in the forums to 'flake' :)
[9:29:49 pm] <BigKuro>I remember that.
[9:30:04 pm] <johncausey>allright -- sorry to keep things to short, but does anyone have any more questions for me, I kinda need to run
[9:30:05 pm] <waite>He is a nice guy
[9:30:21 pm] <leenuxg33k>johncausey: does buffalo's wireless card support an external antenna?
[9:30:29 pm] <johncausey>all of them do
[9:30:41 pm] <johncausey>they have a pretty standard connector too
[9:30:44 pm] <waite>Thanks for the chat John
[9:30:48 pm] <johncausey>no problem
[9:30:53 pm] <leenuxg33k>johncausey: thanks, thats what I wanted to know
[9:31:15 pm] <johncausey>btw -- on the antenna thing, we also have a metric buttload of antennas and extra stuff on the site
[9:31:17 pm] <BigKuro>Any idea if we will se contest results late or early tomorrow?
[9:31:22 pm] <johncausey>(buffalotech.com)
[9:31:54 pm] <johncausey>well, I was thinking about putting all the submissions in a forum, and then getting some community input before passing final judgement
[9:32:02 pm] <johncausey>we live in a democracy and all :)
[9:32:34 pm] <Javascout>sounds good
[9:32:45 pm] <BigKuro>Can't wait to see the entries.
[9:33:10 pm] <johncausey>they're pretty cool and inventive
[9:33:19 pm] <leenuxg33k>johncausey: I forget that we live in a democracy lately
[9:33:32 pm] <leenuxg33k>Oops.. sorry.. did I think outloud
[9:33:58 pm] <BigKuro>I'm switching to qwest for phone service.
[9:34:37 pm] <johncausey>I don't know though -- it might be better to stick w/Verizon, I think they're trying to hit them with a 5bil dollar class action
[9:34:55 pm] <johncausey>for not doing so well with private info
[9:35:28 pm] <BigKuro>That'll work out to $0.50 and 14 free minutes of air time for each of us.
[9:36:02 pm] <johncausey>heheheh -- I almost blew diet coke out of my nose on that one
[9:36:10 pm] <Javascout>and 10 Million to the lawyers
[9:36:47 pm] <johncausey>good times -- well, before I start to wax all political, i'd better run. Thanks for the chat. I'll post the entries to the site tomorrow, and we'll go from there
[9:37:05 pm] <BigKuro>Will we be able to get matching cases for the external drives for the Kuro3?
[9:37:33 pm] <waite>Oh John what about the parts kit for Kuros?
[9:37:57 pm] <johncausey>Absolutely! Our "drivestation" which is currently only usb/firewire, will also support eSATA in the future; the new boxes look great next to the KuroBox
[9:38:37 pm] <BigKuro>Anybody that is interested, I found a free source for max3232 chips (in quantities of 2).
[9:38:39 pm] <johncausey>We're importing them, and should have by the end of the month
[9:39:14 pm] <johncausey>the kits that it
[9:39:21 pm] <johncausey>the kits that is :)
[9:39:53 pm] <waite>cool. thanks
[9:40:07 pm] <johncausey>no problem. Anything else ?
[9:40:25 pm] <leenuxg33k>johncausey: I see the antennas on the site
[9:40:28 pm] <johncausey>anyone, anyone? bueller?
[9:40:41 pm] <leenuxg33k>but do you know where I would find the mini pci cards?
[9:40:42 pm] <BigKuro>Ferris isn't here today.
[9:41:02 pm] leenuxg33k listens to some Yello
[9:41:23 pm] <BigKuro>Oh yeah....
[9:41:33 pm] <johncausey>I don't know if US carries the MiniPCI's right now; we mainly sell only to OEMs
[9:41:39 pm] <johncausey>chickachicka
[9:41:58 pm] <johncausey>but I'll make them available on revogears site when we get the Kuro3
[9:42:04 pm] <leenuxg33k>sweet
[9:42:14 pm] <johncausey>along with SODIMMS (at a reasonable cost)
[9:42:58 pm] <leenuxg33k>bowww bowww
[9:42:59 pm] <waite>I hope very resonale
[9:43:25 pm] - --mindbender has left the chat (Quit: "Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer)" ).
[9:43:42 pm] <johncausey>it should be; we'll be getting them from downstairs, so there shouldn't be any shipping involved :)
[9:44:07 pm] <johncausey>anyway -- have a good night everyone
[9:44:15 pm] <leenuxg33k>johncausey: Thanks
[9:44:15 pm] <Javascout>night john
[9:44:20 pm] <BigKuro>see ya.
[9:44:22 pm] <waite>good night john
[9:44:28 pm] <johncausey>night
[9:44:32 pm] - --johncausey has left the chat (Quit: "" ).

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 Post subject:
PostPosted: Tue May 16, 2006 11:19 am 

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Location: France, St Cyr-L'Ecole (78)
Thanks for the log, couldn't be here are in my timezone, it was really too late (or too early :shock:, not sure)

 Post subject:
PostPosted: Tue May 16, 2006 1:42 pm 

Joined: Wed Jan 19, 2005 1:36 pm
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Does 1 internal SATA connector mean that two 2.5" drives will not be supported (which was suggested as a possibility earlier)?

 Post subject:
PostPosted: Tue May 16, 2006 2:19 pm 

Joined: Sun Jun 12, 2005 1:31 am
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Probably easy enough to redirect one of the external SATA connectors for use inside.

 Post subject:
PostPosted: Tue May 16, 2006 2:31 pm 

Joined: Wed Jan 19, 2005 1:36 pm
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I hope so. Also hope there will be a bracket or cage that supports physically mounting two laptop drives.

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